NEW Level 1 Rochester Quadrajet with Divorced Choke For Early Model (1966-1973) GMC/Chevy 305" & 350" engines

Price: $349.95
Part Number: QJM650E-LV1-NEW
Availability: Ships Next Business Day
Carburetor Manufacturer: Rochester
Barrels: 4
Choke: Divorce/Manifold

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Level 1 Performance Carburetor replaces factory OEM unit for early model (1966-1973) small block GMC and Chevy passenger cars or light trucks with 305" and 350" engines with a divorce/manifold choke. This carburetor is not intended for R/V or Performance type camshafts.  The jets in this carburetor have been changed from the standard .072" to .074".

This is a NEW aftermarket carburetor. It has been inspected, adjusted and tested by National Carburetors at our facility in Jacksonville, FL.

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