NEW Level 2 Rochester Quadrajet with Climatic Choke For Later Model (1974-1978) GMC/Chevy Big Block engines (396" and higher)

Price: $349.95
Part Number: QJC750-LV2-NEW
Availability: Ships Next Business Day
Carburetor Manufacturer: Rochester
Barrels: 4
Choke: Climatic/Hot Air

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Level 2 Performance Carburetor replaces factory OEM unit for big block (396" and higher) GMC and Chevy passenger later model (1974-1978) cars or light trucks with a climatic/hot air choke. This carburetor is intended for R/V and mild performance type camshafts.  The jets in this carburetor have been changed from the standard .072" to .076".  In addition, the power piston spring has been changed to compensate for the reduced vacuum produced by an after-market camshaft.

This is a NEW aftermarket carburetor. It has been inspected, adjusted and tested by National Carburetors at our facility in Jacksonville, FL.

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