Our Carburetors are Remanufactured to the Highest Quality Standards 

In order to provide you the highest quality remanufactured carburetors in the industry, each carburetor is individually built to order by our trained technicians using a master rebuilding kit. 

Manufacturing Process:
1. Disassemble Carburetor: completely disassemble the carburetor
2. Clean carburetor and components: media blast and steel ball burnish (polish)
3. Plating: replate linkages and hardware and dichromate castings as appropriate
4. Re-Bushing: Re-bushing base plates as necessary to prevent vacuum leaks
5. Assembly: our experienced technicians assemble each unit and adjust all internal and external parts to the original factory settings. National Carburetor's remanufactured carburetors include new needle & seats, gaskets, o-rings, diaphragms, and  accelerator pumps. Other parts are replaced as necessary.  
6. Testing: Each carburetor is tested on either a flow bench or live engine for quality control.   

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