What Edelbrock Carburetor do I Have?

If you are looking to upgrade the carburetor in your car or boat, one of the best options you will find in the market is from Edelbrock. Edelbrock has been in the business of carburetors for many years now, and their designs remain one of the most reliable ones on the market even today. 

You will find that in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, the best option for your vehicle's combustion system is an Edelbrock carburetor. In fact, it is hard for you to go wrong when you choose an Edelbrock carburetor for your ride. 

Edelbrock carburetors were founded by the son of a grocery store owner, and the company soon began producing parts to provide the auto racing community with aftermarket performance accessories. Today, Edelbrock produces carburetors, cylinder heads, and many types of other aftermarket parts. 

The company is known for its state-of-the-art sand casting and precision machining tools that help increase your vehicle performance. However, sometimes it might be challenging to identify what Edelbrock carburetor you have. One of the easiest ways to determine what Edelbrock carburetor you have is to know that every Edelbrock carburetor that the company produces comes off the production line with a model number stamped on it to help with part identification.

Let us take a look at how you can find out what Edelbrock carburetor you have in a few easy steps. 

Before we go any further, make sure to check out the Edelbrock Carburetor range here at National Carburetors.

How to Identify What Edelbrock Carburetor You Have?

Edelbrock carburetors have the identification number stamped into the front lower left-hand side of your carburetor. This is just next to where the mounting stud is located. Here are some steps to help you locate this easily.

1. Slightly tilt the carburetor back onto its side. Do this on a sturdy and level surface.

2. The sticker of the Edelbrock logo should now be facing up towards you. 

3. Turn the carburetor towards you so that the base plate is facing you. 

4. Search for the four-digit model number that should be stamped on the left-hand side face of the base plate of the carburetor. 

5. This is the model number of the carburetor.

For example, if you need part number NCR-1403, you can even purchase a remanufactured Edelbrock performer carburetor 500 CFM with an electric choke easily from National Carburetors, which is one of the leading sellers for all things related to carburetors and other automobile accessories. Since it is not that easy to buy reliable carburetors at an affordable cost, it is best to search for your Edelbrock carburetor model number on National Carburetors, as they are the leading online resource for remanufactured carburetors. 

In fact, since 1998, the company has remanufactured hundreds of thousands of carburetors from all companies. Today, the company manufactures a complete line of foreign, domestic, marine, antique, and industrial carburetors. And even if the particular carburetor you need is not in their inventory, they are ready to rebuild your carburetor for you.

When it comes to Edelbrock automotive parts, National Carburetors have the following segregation of parts:

  • 500 CFM

  • 600 CFM

  • 650 CFM

  • 750 CFM

  • 800 CFM

Amongst these various categories, remanufactured Edelbrock carburetors can be found with both manual and electric choke. Under 600 CFM, for example, part number NCR-1405 is a remanufactured Edelbrock performer carburetor with a manual choke that sells for $240. Similarly, under 650 CFM, you can find part number NCR-1906, a remanufactured Edelbrock AVS2 carburetor with electric choke, and part number NCR-1805 remanufactured Edelbrock thunder series AVS carburetor manual.

Under 750 CFM, you can purchase a remanufactured Edelbrock performer carburetor with manual choke and with electric choke. You can also buy a new Edelbrock performer carburetor 750 CFM with manual and electric choke. If you determine that your Edelbrock carburetor is part number NCR-1407, you can purchase it from National Carburetors for just $270, whereas outside, you are likely to find it costing much more. 

If you want to buy the new Edelbrock performer carburetor 750 CFM with manual choke for part number EDEL-1407, it will cost you $438, while a new Edelbrock performer carburetor 750 CFM with electric choke will cost slightly higher and come at $480. 

Many customers find it challenging to find Edelbrock carburetors for 800 CFM. However, when you shop at National Carburetors, you can rest assured that no matter what type of Edelbrock carburetor you have, you will be able to find it all here under one roof. 

Under 800 CFM, you can find remanufactured Edelbrock performer carburetor 800 CMF with manual choke and with electric choke. A remanufactured Edelbrock carburetor with manual choke costs around $280, while a remanufactured carburetor 800 CFM with an electric choke costs around $290.

For those who want to purchase a new Edelbrock performer carburetor with a manual choke (800 CFM), you will have to shell out $523. And for a new Edelbrock performer carburetor with an electric choke (800 CFM), the cost will come to around $545. You can even find remanufactured Edelbrock thunder series AVS carburetor for $260 (both manual and electric).

With so many of the best carburetors from Edelbrock available at your disposal at National Carburetors, it is no wonder then that customers flock to this place to pick up the best rebuilding kits and automotive parts and accessories. 

Not only will you be able to save a substantial amount of money by purchasing remanufactured carburetors, but at the same time, if you have the money to spare, you can even purchase brand new Edelbrock carburetors from the same place, thus adding to your convenience. So head over to https://nationalcarburetors.com to purchase the right Edelbrock carburetor for your vehicle.  

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