Restoring your carburetor - Reasons and solutions

Every vehicle needs a functioning engine that is optimized to reach its maximum potential. We now live in a fast-paced world. The need for a vehicle that won’t fail you between a journey is essential. However, people often forget that the machine has a life too. 

Maintaining it and keeping it in shape will ensure a smooth journey for you and a longer-lasting life for your friend with wheels. 

Let us take a look at the carburetor, one of the most important components in a vehicle and how we could rebuild it to optimise functionality.

Owning a vehicle is a great feeling indeed. But maintaining one is nothing short of a task. It’s essential that every part of the car or bike needs to be in mint condition to give you that rush when you drive, the people who love driving and looking after their rides would understand. Probably why you are here in the first place. Well, let’s get into it then shall we?

A carburetor is; by definition, a device in an internal combustion engine for mixing air with a fine spray of liquid fuel. Therefore, it is undoubtedly one of the most important components that facilitate the working of a fuel-based vehicle entirely. 

The use of carburetors, however, isn’t limited entirely to vehicles. Several other devices use carburetors and need consistent maintenance to keep them running. Boats, industrial devices and such rely heavily on carburetors for combustion.

Companies like National Carburetors are consistently gaining traction for top-notch assistance with rebuilding carburetors as well as setting up new ones if needed. 

What are the reasons that cause Carburetor damage?

  1. Letting the motor rest for a long period might cause it damage. This is more likely if the gas wasn’t drained out before letting it sit for long periods.

  2. If the fuel used is not perfect, then the imbalance in the water or alcohol might end up damaging the carburetor.

  3. The climate conditions have a part to play too, as a humid climate means more moisture being exposed to the carburetor.

  4. Ethanol-based fuels can be considered carburetor killers, especially for the gravity-fed fuel using small engines. As it grabs moisture from the air all the time, water settles to the bottom of the fuel tank which later turns into mold or rust.

Why Rebuild? 

Replacing carburetors can be a tedious job; costly as well as one without an assurance of effectiveness unless it has been sourced from a reliable company. This can be for various reasons too. A company made carburetor is always manufactured while keeping in mind the device it will be used for potentially.

However, to understand the kind of issues that one might face which can be solved by rebuilding a carburetor, it is important to know the parts that constitute it. They are:

  1. Throttle Valve- An important part of the carburetor; control the components that make the carburetor work (air and fuel)

  2. Strainer- Acts as a filter for the fuel before it enters the float chamber. Helps in weeding out unwanted foreign particles

  3. Venturi- A hollow tube that decreases the air pressure of the fuel chamber

  4. Metering system- Controls and monitors the flow of fuel

  5. Idling system- A direct passage from the float chamber to the venturi tube. Works while idling.

  6. Float Chamber- Where the fuel is stored and supplied when needed and maintains the level of fuel in the chamber. It uses a float that opens up the supply when the fuel level is low and closes it when the fuel level goes up.

  7. Mixing Chamber- As the name suggests, it facilitates the mixture of air and fuel.

  8. Idle and Transfer port- Two substitute nozzles that deliver fuel to the cylinder of the engine. 

  9. Choke Valve-  Controls the mixture of air and fuel while maintaining the quantity of air inside the mixing chamber.

Now, we know that the carburetor might not be a very complex machine system as you might’ve previously thought after all. This insight should further justify the idea of rebuilding the carburetor instead of instantly placing a new one since the system doesn’t involve a lot of complex components.

Some of the issues that arise can be solved simply at home using a normal carburetor kit. The automobile engineers who designed the carburetor used in the vehicles did so, keeping in mind the design of that particular machine to ensure maximum compatibility.

There is also the factor of originality. An automobile will increase in vintage value only if the components being used are original. This can be made possible while keeping the automobile maintained and running by rebuilding it.

Rebuilding can be easy, all you need to get is a rebuilding kit, diagnose the issue and get your hands dirty. Identification of parts of the carburetor too shouldn’t be hard as the part numbers are generally on the base plate or the middle section. It is generally a 7 or 8 digit number in GM automobiles. 

Doing it yourself is a smart thing to do, however, it doesn’t beat getting the work done completely by a specialist whom you can trust and simply give your carburetor to work on. 

This is where top companies like National Carburetors come into play. As a company with experience of over 20 years in rebuilding carburetors, they assure 100% customer satisfaction. 

With reasonable rates and services provided by professionals who have been a part of the industry for several years, National Carburetors are easily one of the top picks when it comes to anything carburetor related. 

The company and the technicians can take care of any rebuilding needs and also provide factory manufactured carburetors that will fit your desired machine perfectly. More details are always available on their website .

More and more electric automobiles and ones with other options are on the rise. But the feel of the machines which guarantee a loud and powerful sound while you give it a rev is never going to go out of style. The only thing you got to take care of is maintaining them. Make sure that you keep that engine running!

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