Welcome to NationalCarburetors.Com, one of the largest suppliers of carburetors in the USA!

You can trust us to do the job right. We have rebuilt hundreds of thousands of carburetors since 1954. We carry carburetors for: American cars and trucks, import cars and trucks, antique cars, classic cars, muscle cars, boats, and industrial engines. Plus we also carry a full line of Holley and Edelbrock performance carburetors. If we don't have a core available for the carburetor you need, we can rebuild yours.


In order to provide you the highest quality remanufactured carburetors in the industry, each carburetor is individually built to order by our technicians using a master rebuilding kit. All other compents are cleaned, rebuilt and tested to meet O.E.M. specifications. The base plates are rebushed to remove excess wear from around the throttle shaft to stop vacuum leaks. All bolts and linkage parts are plated. The casings are tumble to chrome like finish. We use the proper parts to account for today's gas and remove the inherent problems like hesitations, flat-spots and hard hot starting. Every carburetor is either flow bench or live engine tested.

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